9631 Dickenson Road West, Hamilton: $649,500

Property Description:

3-bedroom bungalow situated on 2.74 acres of prime development and within phase 2 of the Hamilton Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD). Zoning is A2 and M11 – Prestige Business. Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial uses. Contact listing agent for more information. Buyer to do their own diligence.

Zoning Uses and Regulations:
Airport Prestige Business (M11) Zone


Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD)

OMB Phase 3 Update (February 2015)

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has approved the boundary for the 555 net hectare area around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. OMB Decision

The City of Hamilton was a participant in an OMB hearing (Phase 3 – Case No. PL101300). As per disclosure requirements in the procedural order, the following documents have been made available:


Available to Public on

Witness List

October 3, 2014

Witness and Expert Witness Statements* October 17, 2014
Participant Statements* October 29, 2014
Reply to Witness Statements* November 4, 2014
Board Orders Requested* November 12, 2014
Visual Evidence November 12, 2014
Witness Hearing Schedule January 29, 2015
Final Decision:

February 25, 2015

*Hard copies of asterisked items also available for viewing by visiting Hamilton City Hall – City Clerks (1st floor), 71 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ontario.

March 2014 Update

The City of Hamilton has re-issued a Revised Notice of Study Completion Class Environmental Assessment Study for the Airport Employment Growth Class Environmental Assessment Study.

What we are doing now

The Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD) is a City led project developed to expand Hamilton’s employment opportunities and support population growth. All Ontario cities are tasked with increasing employment lands as outlined in a document called Places to Grow.

The City of Hamilton selected an area of land surrounding the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, now referred to as AEGD, to examine and develop a concentrated area of employment lands. As part of this project, a Transportation Master Plan, Subwatershed Study and Stormwater Master Plan and Water & Wastewater Servicing Master Plan have been completed in support of future development / redevelopment in the area.

Background Information

How did the City come to identify the lands surrounding the Airport as potential employment lands?
This area was identified initially in the Growth Related Integrated Development Study (GRIDS) as a preferred area for growth to 2031. In 2006 the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) allowed the City to move forward with studies on the lands surrounding the Airport. The John C. Munroe Hamilton International Airport is an important economic engine for the City of Hamilton. The growth of other industry sectors in Hamilton is dependent on ready access to the airport and the servicing of lands for future development in the surrounding area. Proper land use and infrastructure planning is paramount in this area.

Reports & Studies

This area of land was first earmarked as potential employment lands in in early 2000s; since then numerous reports and studies have been conducted:

  • AEGD Council Update

Will there be opportunities for food production in the AEGD?
Yes, we are ensuring that the zoning will permit opportunities for agri-business or greenhouses to operate in the AEGD. As many people know greenhouses offer an opportunity to grow crops all year round and are slowly becoming a more popular method for food production. In addition, the plans have ensured that existing farms can continue to operate in the AEGD.

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Lot Size: 275 X 434 (2.74 ACRES)